KS4 Curriculum

KS4 GSCE Mathematics (Edexcel Linear)

Although Mathematics is a compulsory subject for GCSE, we hope that students will also enjoy the subject and gain much benefit from the course. Study at Key Stage 4 aims to equip students with mathematical competence and problem solving strategies and covers the following areas:

Number and Algebra,

Geometry and Measures

Statistics and Probability

The subject is taught in sets during the key stage, which provides students with the opportunity to work at an appropriate pace and depth of understanding.

The single qualification is undertaken by sets 2 to 7 in Year 11. Most students were identified as being likely to benefit from taking the exam early in November. There will be an opportunity to resit the exam, if necessary in the June 2014 exam series. 

We enter students for the following course: Edexcel 1MA0 (Higher/Foundation).

KS4 Linked Pair Pilot Double GCSE Mathematics (Edexcel)

The new linked pair are a complimentary set of GCSE qualifications (Methods in Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics) which are designed to be taken together to cover the whole curriculum.

This qualification is offered for our top set in Year 11. They entered Edexcel 1MM01 and 2MM01 in November 2013. They will enter Edexcel 1AM01 and2AM01 in June 2014.

The modular specification has been withdrawn and the new linear specification requires candidates to sit both qualifying units (1MM01 and 2MM01 or 1AM01 and 2AM01) in the same exam series. The assessments themselves are unchanged.

Students will be allowed to re-take the double GCSEs as many times as required, although if a student is having difficulty, it is possible to transfer him to the single GCSE course.

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